Nobody perfect key? Nobody key? Nobody.. Erkk?
Name :Siti Hajar Rahman
Famous as : Hajaa
Age : OneTwo
Born at : Malaysia
Stay : Underwater haha
Status : In A Realtionship
BEST of THE BEST BEST Friend Till Jannah : Deena Lia Yosree
Best Friend Till Jannah : Hanis Humairah, Amni Balqis, Farah Adibah
Best of THE BEST Junior : Wan Hafeeza, Hanani Najibah, Nor Raihana.
Hobbies : Blogging, Facebooking, Tweeting

? Kpop
? Eat
? Sleep
? Chocolate
? One Direction
? Watch Kdrama
? Singing
? Online

> Anons
> Copycays
> Spammers
> Annoyed person
> Kpop haters
> Rippers

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